Batting eyelashes at me.. :D

The ordinary, the rebel...and the extraordinary..

Random, weird theory on the 'living' and the choices that they make.

When we are born we are all in the same spot of bother...worried, anxious and nervous...looking for support and appreciation.

As we grow old, we start differing. Our lives start deviating from the general course depending on the hierarchy of choices that we make. Every decision that we take has consequences. Even an indecision is a decision. On one hand we have our passion/dreams...on the other...pressure, expectations and responsibilities...rising, with each accomplishment...tightening the grip year after we grow old, creating imbalance.

The Ordinary...succumbs to the pressure...suffocating the dreamer that is inside, passions and hopes soon follow...these are the people who make SACRIFICES..

The rebel...Questions, is stubborn and unwilling to bow down to any expectations but his own. Unfazed, intolerant to the world around him...These are the ones who take RISKS.

The Extra-ordinary...They balance...the left and the right...the wrong and the correct. These are the people who fulfill their expectations and live their passions...they don't need to be perfect...just need to be passionate in their imperfections. These are the ones who strike the right BALANCE.

And then there are those confused souls...not sure of what they are after...their dreams or their responsibilities. Swaying one side and then the other. Never still. But on the verge of making a CHOICE....

P.S: I usually think before I post. This one is an exception. For once I have done some justice to the description of my blog. Its almost the gibberish fresh from my cerebrum. Its not necessary that this will make sense to all. Forgive me for that. :)


Trinaa said...

m a cross b/w a rebel n a confused tubelight i guess!
n it'll take me alot of time to become extraordinary!!

ps:thanks 4 bloghopping to mine..:))

•♥•♥Vicky♥•♥• said...

i am the confused soul

i know some extraordinary ones
they had it all planned.

mayz said...

extraordinary is if u think u r one!!! its all in d perception of our own self!!

Vinz aka Vinu said...

and there is one state called stalemate...!!


Preeti said...

I think you, Zubin are a combination of all the above. Which makes you a complete man. And i also think that predominantly, you are extraordinary...!!! :-)

on a more serious note...all of us are influenced by all the times we are ordinary, at times rebels and at times extraordinary. its all about the situations happening at the moment and how we react to them...

(I love you, baby... and what you've written is absolutely not gibberish)

Keshi said...

I think we r all a bit of each one :)


Scribblers Inc said...

I have a streak of most that you mentioned...good stuff tho,,

Scribblers Inc.

Scribblers Inc said...

saaaaatch!!! you made my day!!! I got a pair of headfones to listen to this shit!! good job!! :)

Scribblers Inc.

P.S.-go satriani!!!

Preeti said...

ditto scribbler!!!


Preeti said...




Pooja said...

i opine human nature s too diverse 2 actually fit it in2 ne category...

every1 of us a bit of evrythng u mentioned...

Zubin said...

Hey...welcome here..
hmm..well my best wishes for already have an extraordinary blog at least...!! :D

As far as I know ..even you have things planned out..:P...remember..?? :)

Exactly...but your perception of yourself is again a 'choice' that you have...right..?..the ordinary..wudn't even think about his/her perception about themselves... :)

Zubin said...

@Vinz: think of...yes there some stage...but are you referring to what I am thinking..?

Hehe...stop flattering me.. :P *blush* :D

Hmm...yes, you are right..we all have the capability to be any of these...but at a particular moment we are only one of these..In the end..its all about making up/not giving up..hoping..dreaming..expecting..believing...
and a lot more.. :)

Was very busy in the office..First two days you see.. plus BPOs suck.. :D ya too.. :P

Zubin said...

Yes are correct...we are..!! :)

Hey WC here brotha...thnaks. Well the writer in you is super extraordinary to say the least ;)

You like Joe...??..Great..! Listen to others on the list too..there is Steve Vie.. (so damn good)..and Van Halen as well.. :)..You'll like them..

Zubin said...


Yes, but all these are not prominent at all times..mostly just one of these is dominant :)..and hey..nice snap.. :)

•♥•♥Vicky♥•♥• said...

dude i have them planned now..but if i had them before....i am still confused you see :D

Preeti said...

well i've never worked in a BPO so i dont know..
i hope you are getting to learn something from the experience.

the most sickening part of life. i wish we lived in a no-choice world...where everything is clear and is offered to us on a platter...

beautiful thought, na!!!

Sana said...

=D nice post. makes sorta sense to me. u noe if u dont think too much =S hehe

i'm a bit of all these!!!! but mostly i'm wicked =P

Me Mini Mini Mouse said...

AH this ones gooooood

Mes always been the Rebel.... tryin to get to the extra ordinary side... just tryin ... hope fully i will get thr soon

Good thinkin Zubin :)

Keshi said...

come n check out my newfound fame ;-) I aint comin bak Zubin, Im in Hollywood now!


Zubin said...

sab ho jayega with ya.. :p

Beautiful thought indeed...but when I say stuff like that(give me everything in a platter)..people tell me that I am lazy.. :O.. :D

Hehe..well then don't think that much.. :p..miss wicked...
..a question though..can cute be wicked..?? :p

Zubin said...

Thanks.. wishes with will get there soon.. :)

Oh..I'll pull you back sweetheart.. :p