Batting eyelashes at me.. :D

Please prefer your brain…over your gadgets.(post from previous blog)

A casual conversation between two scientists:

A:”I have got an IQ level of 180..!!”
B:”I have a 4 Terra flop super computer…beat that…!!”

What kind are you…?
Oh wait you are not even a scientist (as if i am one..!!)...

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How lazy can it get then…!!(post from previous blog)

Well…It has been long since I wrote, In fact I haven’t been online for the whole last week. I mean, I have just logged in to check my mails and went off. It would have taken a natural disaster to take me off for so long for the kind of surfer that I am. But then I have simmered down in past few months in manners more than one. It was more of a technical disaster this time...

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My first driving lesson.(post from previous blog)

Alright before you start picturing me as a cute little punkish 16 year old teenager and rush to the supermarket to get me a racing CAP…I should let you know..that I am 22 and yes I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE A CAR…YET. If thats not amusing enough…I don’t have a driving license either. And for those who think its obvious not to have a DL when you don’t know how to drive…come… VISIT INDIA and have your logics redefined…

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