Batting eyelashes at me.. :D

Feeling so bloody light

Right this very moment...All I want to do is:

Spread my arms...
Take a deep breath..
Close my eyes...

Not thinking...Empty-headed...I believe, its a momentary state of numbness...
Soaked with music...I feel like headbanging.. :)
Enjoy the music.

P.S: I am not on dope. :p

What the...

Some people are inspirational, some are hot..then there are the smooth talkers..and then..the attention grabbers...some are born leaders..some mysterious...some silent...there are preachers...people's favorites...some are artistic..creative..innovative...some are famous..some are fit, some are successful and some are plane lucky...(bastards) :p

Me..?? I am none...just an average Joe...and on top of that...I only JUST realized that...!!
and I just can't stop laughing at myself.


Maybe I should have a session of "self exploration"...LOL

And btw...nothing is wrong with me...I just feel humorously pathetic today. You know, when you are not doing great in aspire to be Bon Jovi...and you end up one..but you don't give a damn about it...and just can't stop laughing at yourself...that my mates is the eternal state of humorous pathetic ism.. ;)

Oh..and I'll be less weird the next time. Its hard to make sense these days. I may come up with a happy post even.. :D

P.S: I think I need a g.f or an iPOD.

The comeback post..?

Well then be it. I have been busy this past month. And I have been repeating this like a stuck record 'coz frankly I hate it. All the years in school and then college I did know that somewhere down the line this will be my destiny. A repeating, unexciting, monotonous routine...served in a platter right in front of me and I am darn hungry that I eat coz I have to and not coz I want to..I hate to be driven..not being able to make my own calls. No I don't like my job. The only motivation throughout is the pay check that I arguably deserve by the end of the month.

Also this past month, I have fallen in love...brought myself up...then fallen in love again..maintaining composure has been tough..maybe I should stop using the word "love" so loosely. I have also realized that being taken for granted comes tied with being a happy face.
Also I am so sick of being single...where are all the good (single) women? Oh and I hate my running shoes as well, my guitar is eating social life is almost zero. I always look high because of the lack of proper sleep and I am truly frustrated. X(

I have also realized that I love complaining..and life minus that is...well barren..and so colorless for me.

And also..I just HAVE to write this for someone:

I know we are both right on our sides,
but you just see yours and I just see mine.
Banging our heads on both sides wont make things better..
So I offered you a peek into mine
hoping that I'll get one into yours..
but telling me you closed your doors for me way me only one impression...that you don't care...then give me one good reason..WHY SHOULD I?

Nothing to write..

Well actually...I have a lot to write...but not the time that I need. This here, is something that was asked at keshi's a few weeks back...I was also tagged by Cess and I feel so terrible that I din't have the time to do it.. :(.. I really want to do it Cess. Anyways...the most I miss is reading you people. I keep saying that and I mean it. some better time management and I'll be back writing.

For the time being here are my answers keshi :):

1.What is the one Thing someone has said(/done) to you that hurt your feelings the most?

There are many, but there is one recent one that I remember. I have a very dear friend, but we drifted apart about a year back. I won't say whose fault it was. I believe it was both of us. Recently I decided to patch up. Messaged her in my normal playful manner, asking her to guess my name. She couldn't, so I told her myself and then I got..

"Sorry, I don't know anyone named *my real name*"

My heart started sinking...I don't know why, but It did. We are talking now. But I am still not over it. On top of that, she also asked where I got her number from!!
Ain't it funny how things change. When you need someone the most, they are not there for you. Maybe when someone needed me, I was not there for them. Its all understandable. hurts.

2. What is the one Thing that most people won't guess about you?
That I am humble and friendly. My first impression is that I am rude and rowdy, which I am not. I take time to open up.

3. What is the one Mistake people most often make in relationships?

4. What is the one Spice in your cupboard you seldom use but if you threw it away you think you may need it?
I use all the spices.

5. What is the one Thing you don't have that will increase your energy and reduce your stress?
Someone to be crazy about. Someone to think about all the time, someone to wait for breathlessly. Someone to pamper, someone to look at all the time...without saying a word. Someone to fall in love with...again and again...everyday. :)

6. What Is the one Reason you fail to lose(/gain) weight?
I don't think I need to gain/loose weight but I do need to get in better shape. But I rarely try. why? I am lazy. Do you know Garfield? Yes? Then you have an idea. No? You don't know Garfield? Where do you live? Greenland.? :p

7. What is the one Question that you should never ask a woman(/man)?

Women: Do you love me..? (LOL)
Men: Why are you single/what is your paycheck?

8. What is the one Thing (food/sweets/drinks etc) you can't say No to?
There is nothing I can't say no to. But there are a few things that I don't WANT to say no to, like...Lays, Chicken Curry, 'Sponge waale Rasgulle'.....and Appy Fizz.. :D...and Feast.

9. What is the one Thing that keeps growing as you use it, when all other things keep decreasing when used?

I sleep a lot, whenever I have time :D...hoping that I won't be that lazy all day long...but my laziness keeps on increasing.

10. What is the one Thing that you want your loved-ones to do when you die?
Remember me for what I was and not for what I wasn't. Miss me... :)

and oh I got awarded by Vicky bro and enchanted people are such sweethearts..