Batting eyelashes at me.. :D

My week at office, the tag..and the celeb that I am

(The post is bloody long and I don't guarantee any entertainment. So continue at your own risk and discretion :p)

So...having to work is not really suiting me very well. I haven't been posting or reading anything this whole week. In fact I haven't been doing anything but sleep. I don't know how the hell you people manage it.. :D..I'll have 13 less hours everyday, if I add commuting my work timings!!

The excitement to be in an OFFICE and that 'first job ever' experience scored over my unwillingness to work. I met a few new people as well...some interesting, some not so...and some good-looking ones as well (read: a b-e-a-utiful girl with big b-e-a-utiful eyes). Some people worth mentioning are...a guy AB, one VS and Big-foot. (yeah, initials and pun-y names. Straight from che's school of blogging.. :p). Why them?? Well you see AB knows 7 languages, has been a state level cricketer, been to Mumbai (WOWWW) has been a cricket commentator in his college days, has a heavy (fake) US accent and is really very boring+irritating. How do I know all this? Well he had the "courtesy" to let us know about his achievements. The boring+irritating part is the result of my analysis though. And ohh, did I mention there are about 3-4 close circuit cameras in every single room/lab in the, no...I can't punch him on the nose.

VS on other hand is an IIM drop out who is going to leave office in a week (what?already?) for a different company. He seemed to be a nice guy..minus the fact that he is a bully. Well at least he tries to be one and also, who in the hell boasts the fact that he was kicked out of college after one year. Yes, it was IIM..but still..! He also seems to have this crush on that b-e-a-utiful person I have mentioned above. And that is reason enough for him to dislike me. (I'll explain this part later).

Now then, Big-foot. The name says it all. The guy is about 6 feet 4 inches tall and have shoulder length hairs (reminds me of mine :-( )...and is quite BIG, looks kinda cool though. The only thing I keep wondering is that how the hell is he supposed to walk through the long corridor to the lab where the ceiling is just a few inches lower than his own height..!! and also he looks kinda scared of me..why the hell does he talk like a small sheep..?? The size of Khali, the voice of Manmohan..!! Ain't that a deadly combination now...?

All others in my batch seemed normal to me and I made a few friends too (surprise surprise).. :)
Now about the big eyed gal. Lets call her umm..the girl. So, No she is not HOT...but has those beautiful eyes that make me wanna say "Oh I always wanted to be an eye specialist" (cheeky eh..?). There was a certain eye contact on many occasions and a lot of smiling on the last day. Oh I am in love..(again?) for the zillionth time. There is a twist though. From Mondays her timings are going to be different. I'll need luck to even be able to SEE her and I have obviously not talked to her yet, despite the GOD send brilliant opportunity that I had. Did I by the way tell you that I have always been blessed with GOD send opportunities all those zillion times. But my callousness to blessings raised to the occasion and history was repeated and we are yet to be introduced yet.. :(

So thats pretty much it. Office sounds a lot like college to me now.


And the rainboy..V (not the channel) tagged me with the movie tag. So finally I have my first official tag. No pity forced ones. This my friends is my first pure tag.. :D

So my all time favorite movies...(can't limit any answer to numbers, so there are many)


Jane bhi do yaron
Rang De Basanti
Jo Jita Wohi Sikandar
Chupke Chupke (older one)
The Burning Train
Tare Zameen Pe


Shawshank Redemption
The Prestige
The pursuit of happyness
Donnie Darko
Pulp Fiction
8 Mile (Being an Eminem fan)
The Bourne series
The Dark Knight
Blood Diamond
The Departed

One movie that i recommend as a must see

The Shawshank Redemption, The Departed.

One and only one movie that i have seen many times (TV doesnt count)

None..The most times I watch a movie in a theater is all cases :)
If T.V does count..then there must be a tie between RHTDM...The matrix and Godzilla.

Which movie comes to your mind when i say funniest?

Hera Pheri (Hindi) and Harold and Kumar (English)

Which movie made you really emotional?

Rang De Basanti, Wednesday, Titanic, The pursuit of Happyness.

Which movie series was as interesting as the first part?

The Jason Bourne Series (Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy, Bourne Ultimatum)

Which movie according to you didn't live up to your expectations?

Hancock, Eragon.

Which movie surprised you?

The Sixth Sense, The Dark Knight.

Now its time I tag someone..right..? So I tag..the inspirational Nidhi, the everpopuler Keshi, the devil (self acclaimed) Divkiran, the studded masterpiece Mayz, the poet Enchanted Illusionz, and Sana (the cutest one ^-^).

And now, ME THE CELEB (click to enlarge):

Suggest a caption. :D

Finally I have Garfield...and he loves me too. Hehe..

That's not distant ;)

O yeah..keep on drooling, ladies.. :p

Again..Suggest a Caption.
Lemme Out of the the box...please!!

P.S: You hear the song...? Its dedicated to The Girl. Ohh I am in love....again...
And did I forget to mention that AB has been in a HUMMER once...(WOWW again.. o-O)


mayz said...

ahhh someone is in tooooooo...i guess :P

oh n i love jaane bhi do yaaron rocks!!!!!

n nice pics dude

•♥•♥Vicky♥•♥• said...

hope u guys get introduced ..or else do it my way..go and introduce yourself...make your own destiny :)

loved the Tag..and pics of yours too :D

Preeti said...

how did you do that with the pictures...?
they are amazing...
and you look just like Justin Timberlake in the last one...phew!!!

sheesh Zubin...
are you like launching an all out attack on us women...???

loved the movies that you've listed...see we have same taste in movies too...


well...some lucky girl finally got your attention...just dont forget us ha...

I am so happy for you sweetheart!!! truly.

Cess said...

i loooove the pics pretty cool, everybody is going crazy around with these :)

One of u re all time fav movie is Ratatouille! that s really cute :)

Good with The Girl :)



Vinz aka Vinu said...

some romantic posts is for sure over here, right..?


jaane bhi do yaaro...dude..this one is classic..!!

•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

something awaits you here ;D

Cess said...

I read ur comment on Kesh blog :)

+When I get one..It will be on the back of my neck..and one on the arm.. :)+ what kind of tattoo u want? :)


Keshi said...

OMG its melting HOT in here or wut!!!! ;-)


And I like the music here man WOW!

Ur an aced movie buff arent ya! Some nice selections there. :)

Gee wow Zubin u really do look like a movie star in ALL of em! SUPERB! I actually like every one of em :) But my fav is where Paris is holding ya...u look super hot in that!

U wanted titles for 2 of em?

1. The Beauty & The HUNK

2. Higher Power

hows that? :)

And u tagged me on the Movie tag...someone else tagged me too...will do it soon. tnxx for doing this pic tag...and u know u ROCK!


ANWESA said...

hi!nice 2 c ur blog!!c ya..

Zubin said...


Yeah I keep falling in love...I'll try and rise this time though.. :D
Best of luck with your love..thanks for the compliment...and yeah..jaane bhi do yaaron is an all time...fav.. :)
aur haan...tag bhi karna hai..remember..?? :P

Zubin said...


Thanks yaar..dekhte hain...kab introduction hota hai.. :D
..and hey..only two awards for me...? :p :p..
Do char aur de.. :p

Zubin said...


Hehe..thanks yaar..I wish I would look like him..everyday.. :D
How can I forget you...? MFEO after all... :)

But you are taken na..? :p
Ya..she has got my attention..but I may give her a miss...

about the pics..well keshi had a post on her blog...about this it.. :)

Zubin said...

Thanks.. :)
hmm..about Ratatouille...the story is great as well..isn't it..?

About tattoos...well you see I don't foresee I haven't decided anything yet...coz I may not get one before a couple of years..It may actually be a dragon...for the ARM..and a SKULL...a BLADE or the letter 'Z' for my neck.. :D

Zubin said...

Maybe.. :D..hehe..only time will tell :D

Hmm...and Nasirudeen is my all time fav actor as well.. :)

Zubin said...


Hey, Thank you..I am melting with embarrassment here.. :p

Paris holding me..?? LOL :p
thanks thanks.. :)

And hey..The caption for each pic is below the I was asking for captions...for totally different pics...
the ones above the ones you have captioned.. :D the tag waiting.. :p

Zubin said...


Hello..WC here..thanks..umm..sure cya..

Cess said...

ouhou, letter Z in ur neck sounds sexy depending on the calligraphy u use :) send me pics the day u ll do it :)


Keshi said...

In that case I had a massive Blonde Moment didnt I? LOL!

btw I did the Movie tag...come n check it out :)


Anonymous said...

first a biggg sorry dear, been a lil busy. thnkx 4 taggin me , vicky tagged me on dis too , wll do it sometime today.
& best of luck wit ur big eyed beauty!!
btwn kewl pix!

Preeti said...

well if you start looking like JT everyday then all ICUs in dilli are going to be crammed with women suffering from "heart stopped beating syndrome"

You dare not forget me... :P

as far as being taken goes...there are very serious issues happening...will tell you about it some the taken status is pretty shaky right now...actually almost tottering over the brink...but life has to go on... you plan to give her a miss...well these are the wonder years so...anything goes, i guess...


and me not liking your disappearing act... :-(

Me Mini Mini Mouse said...

M late in readin this.... so wts up with the girl? kuch baat bani?

and man shall do ur tag soon, next in line aftr the srory...

TC n hope sumthn happns in ur choti si love story :P

Nidhi said...

hey boy i love the song to. lucky gal!!
seriously the post was long. i m tryong it to open for the 4th time and finally the page open .. heavy weighted cuz of so many pics i guess. u look hot. loved the last effect. i too tried out four pics. one i made out of my fren who was just came out of bath. i gave effect of a poster a guy is sticking on a wall!!! it was fun. i taged her in facebook with tht pic :)
thank god she didnt get angry!!

Nidhi said...

hey dont have much patience to wrk out with the tag now.. my brain doesnt wrk much in movie case.. will try still. thanks for remembering while tagging tough.. i like u r the first one to tag me!!!

Zubin said...

@Cess: will depend on the calligraphy.. :)
Sure..the day I get it.. :)

and btw I saw your comments on Keshi's too...hmm...tatoo girl...I may need your advice soon.. :p

Zubin said...

@Keshi...Lol..I thought one needs to be blonde to have a blonde moment.. :p

Zubin said...

@Enchanted Illusionz:

Thanks...and hey no need to be sorry..even I have been busy lately..
Haven't been reading much..I am looking forward to your version of this tag.. :)

about the pics...why don't you give it a try.. :)

Zubin said...


Its ok..I can handle that many gals.. :p

Obviously, I won't dare forgetting you.. :p

well I hope things become normal again..or at least the way you want them to be.. :)

and am not liking my disappearing act either..but I become so exhausted daily :(

Zubin said...


Naaji..abhi to nahi bani...3-4 din se to dikhi bhi nai mujhe.. :D

"and man shall do ur tag soon"
I am looking forward to read it.. :)

and you too take care.. :)

Zubin said...


Oh I love this song..and one more from the same movie.. :)

"u look hot."
ahem...thank youuu...^-^

And me those pics na.. :D
and of your friend's as well.. :p

And you can do the tag anytime you feel like doing it.. :) Its your first tag? :O

Che said...

Ha! You picked my naming convention!

But since the girl had beautiful eyes and makes you sigh i wouldnt call her "the girl" but the sighnosure of your eyes. Now thats a pun-y name!

Zubin said...

Point taken sir..!!

It will take some time to reach your level though...!! :)

Miss. Sighnosour..?? LOL.. :D

Preeti said...

oh i am absolutely sure you can handle many girls.

and you sure have them hovering around your blog by posting all those pictures...what chance do they stand...zubin... :P

ya...well things are perking up a bit so lets see...i am a very hopeful person...and i belive in a good life...

disappearing is really not good. but then ya if you are tired its another thing...


Zubin said...


Things will be good yaar.. You are a great person and you deserve good things.. :)

Well..Ya I do get tired..only Saturday and Sundays are off...other wise I leave at 9 A.M and come back at 11 P.M...and the fact that I am lazy..doesn't make it any easier...!!

and believe me..I truly wish some nice girl would hover around me...but..sigh..nobody is keen enough..!! :D

aysha said...

I guess you served overtime in