Batting eyelashes at me.. :D

The Tag(uitar).. :D..!!

I was recently tagged by Nidhi to do the desktop picture tag. In fact she made a new post to tag me coz (so sweet of you Nidhi) she hadn’t done that in the original one. So, again its not pure tagging…but if you know how I forced a tag upon myself through Mr. Mayz the last time around, I am only moving forward. :D

So here it is then…this is how my desktop has looked for last 3 weeks:
Yes…its obvious that I love Guitars, the sound of it and the feel of holding it in my hands. I am not a great player. But my guitar, for a long time has been something that has soothed my pains and faded my worries. Whenever I have felt like thinking too much. I just sit down…strumming.

I don’t have an electric myself..but my acoustic is enough to keep me alive (the pic on the right is my Givson Venus Special) :)I dream to go big one day…at least good enough to play the music thats in my mind. There is always music in my mind…GIGs…leads…and so much but I can’t play them. Well, given the kind of music I “think” of…It’ll take some years..and some serious practicing as well. I don’t have that kind of crazy skills YET. But someday, yes…someday……

Till then…I am happy just POSING..
P.S: I have an interview today. Wish me luck..
P.S.S: All images are larger then they are visible here. Click to enlarge them ..Duhuh..and the songs that you hear playing...(If you haven't paused them already) are some of the greatest guitar leads ever. :)


Cess said...

he he like ur screen wallpaper pretty cool.
It s cool u find a way to treat ur pain through a guitar.

And when i looked at the 2nd picture, cause it looks small and it s late and i m tired, i thought it was Elvis Presley :)


Cess said...

PS: good luck for ur interview !

Zubin said...


Elvis Presley...?? LOL...

Zubin said... didn't notice the "Duhuh"...?? :p

Neeku said...

May the Good Good wallah luck be with you... Ghosh that means... I know an aspiring future-famed-filthy-rich rockstar... AhHah! with Aaarre-Waah!

Nice very nice ;)

and also,

Thats a very cool picture of you =D!

mayz said...

nice desktop bro...n a vy rockstar kinds pic of ya...m sure half d girls on blogville r gonna've a crush on ya ;)

Preeti said...



i hope you do well. God Bless You!

cooooool desktop pic...i have a lot of sentimental attachments to guitars and guitarists...hmmnnn. i hope your dreams come true one day and all the tunes that are hovering in your head find their way out into the world...

and someone's not just cute but quite sexy too...ha!!!

mayz is so right...i am girl number 1 with the crush... are such a sweetie, zubin...!!!!

Cess said...

Duhuh was at the end of the post Dude, plus i click on it after i thought it was Elvis Presley just to be sure, cause Elvis Presley don t have ur chin that i recognized from the pic u have on top of ur blog. And the pic was even smaller at the first place (it was instead of ur accoustic guitar...seee):D


•♥•♥Vicky♥•♥• said...

wow wallpaper

u have such cool guitar..

i am just starting to play guitar..
it's pretty hard yar

and best of luck to u man...

we all love hotel california don't we?

Nidhi said...

I love guitar . loved ur wallpaper. i just finished making a colage for my desktop wallpaper and it looks amazing.

Nidhi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nidhi said...

P.S.s.s..s lol.. now it sounds more like PESSSS.. or pissss wht eva

wish u al the luck for ur interview. let us know hw it went.

Anonymous said...

oye..sombody luks grt!
best wishes 4 ya interview.
likd ur wallpaper toh i hvnt yet been fascinated by a guitar.

Keshi said...

omg I love guitars and boys who can play the guitar ;-)

Good luck Rockstar!


Keshi said...

And ur lookin GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! *wolf whistles like a female rowdy*




Zubin said...

Well...Thanks everyone for all the wishes...I was busy these last 2 days..So couldn't reply... :(

And yes..your wishes did work..and I did get that job.. :)..

Zubin said...


"I know an aspiring future-famed-filthy-rich rockstar"...LOL..lets just wait an watch.. :D...I really hope it does get true though..

"Thats a very cool picture of you =D"
Thanx.. :)



Thanks bro..:)
Only half...?? :D.. LOL...dekhtey hain..hehe...

Zubin said...

Ahaan..!! I can tell you are quite a rocking girl. Thanks for all the wishes. Me sexy...?? :O..Gosh.. thanks..*blushing*...

Hugz..crush #1..!! :p

..and you compliment me so much...I keep bloating while reading your comments..

Again..hugz..and muaahhzz... :)

Zubin said...


Ok..okay...So one thing that Elvis lacked was a chin like mine.. :p
Actually I was still modifying my post at that can't blame were sleepy.. :)



Thanks yaar...Yup, it is hard actually...You need a lot of practice to really play some good music.. But remember...never mess with the basic techniques..they may look simple..but are very important and come in handy in later stages.. :)..and practice..practice..and keep practicing... you will rock..someday.. ;)

Zubin said...


Thanks yaar..A collage...??cool..lemme see it too.. :)

and actually it should have been P.P.S..and not.. P.S.S...I made a mistake there.. :D

LOL at..Pissss... :d
..and thanks for the wishes again..I did get the job.. :)


@Enchanted Illusionz:
Thanks yaar...for the wishes..and the compliment.. :)
Try listening to all the tracks on my blog right'll start liking it.. :P



Thanks ... :)
Somehow I must like guitars...:O..dunno how..and somehow I also knew that you would whistle like a wolf... :p..really.. :D

Hugz.. :)

•♥•♥Vicky♥•♥• said...

thanK you :D

Pooja said...


u play giutar???wow!!!

n d pose s nice as well..:)

Preeti said...



that's really good news.
i'm very very happy for you, sweetheart...!!!

phoenix said...

someone is looking rather cute here :D


Cess said...

he he true was sleepy, so tell, what s ur new job? where? when do u start?


Zubin said...

You are welcome bro.. :)


Yes I do...and thanks..and welcome here..and keep visiting.. :)


Thanks a lot..I know you must be happy...the sweet sugar you are..!! :) :)

Zubin said...

That someone must be you ...:P
HeHe..thanks.. *almost blushing* :D


The job?..well its not a big thing..Its in a BPO..I'll be in tech support..voice center.
Just a temporary thing, you see...I was tired being at home..waiting for a call from the company that hired me on campus..the one that I'll ultimately join.. :)

Me Mini Mini Mouse said...

Nice nice... nice pic also

N hope u did well in ur interview... wts ws it for???

Cess said...

call center huh, i ve been there :( for 1.5 years (
Good luck man.

Keshi said...



Zubin said...

Thanks..thanks... :)
Well..went to a BPO..gotta pass time somehow.. :D..and I did get it.. :)

Thanks..hmm...will check it out in a jiffy.. :)