Batting eyelashes at me.. :D


Life has been really busy these last couple of months, but I am enjoying it in parts, even the fact that I am too damn busy to even cringe about it. The irony is, I can't really think of writing anything unless I have something to complain it my life, people around me or even myself. Its as if, the blogger inside me has this tendency to swiftly slip into oblivion whenever I seem to have started thinking straight or whenever I seem to have given up cribbing.

Oh..and I like Bangalore. The weather is abso-freakin-lutely fantastic...!!!(The food is equally pathetic...for my taste at least). The city seems less crowded then Delhi, and I miss the usual halla-gulla, but its not half as bad I expected it to be.

In short, I am at peace-for a few more days at least. BTW I am pretty sure this blog is dead now and I only keep poking the grave every now and then but isn't it good to bring the dead back? :D

I kept falling out of my own grave
as if growing beyond zenith..
Aah..with a hellish grin..

I kept asking why I still try...
when I am destined to fall right back in...

someday, someday...I'll have an answer.