Batting eyelashes at me.. :D

A little about me

As the name suggest its basically a junkyard for all the gibberish that pops out of my brain, mix of me and my thoughts. Its going to be chaotically random as my thought process jumps across a wide variety of domains. So its hard for me to follow a constant theme.

A little about me then:

Have you ever seen those little squirrels in the garden...hopping from one stone to another..climbing a tree..running like crazy all around...possibly thinking...what to do...and just a second after they have it figured out...they start thinking what ELSE to do now...??

Well you are getting a little insight on me then...!! ;)

The one thing (and the only one) I am really good in is...starting something new...loosing interest mid-way...and wondering what else shall I be doing now...!!

But wait don't read too much into the squirrels analogy now..coz you see, the thing is that squirrels are fast...really fast...!! My life would be twice as easier, if I was even half as fast as they are...!!

Maybe when the Almighty send me to earth...he send me with the 'I WANT TO DO EVERYTHING' mode on...with the OFF switch broken...and just for fun...he decided to send only the DEMO version...with all functionalities visible...but only a few WORKING...!! Now believe me or not, I have been trying to find the crack..key...or whatever makes me running...!!...but GOD ain't no Microsoft...and the crack is nowhere to be found...!!

So here it goes...little me..trying to conquer the world...!! :D

....Zubin Saxena

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