Batting eyelashes at me.. :D

The cat...and the awards...!!

Do you like cats? I do. Do you hate dogs...I do..!! No, not the puppies, the full grown canines. I hate them specially the stray kinds...why...?? Well simply because I don't understand why those furry little bastards attack these furry little angels. Whats the point? They don't eat them!!..then..??why..? I know cats hunt mice..but they eat them. Its no point in killing someone and not eating it!! Its unnatural...!! Incidentally, only dogs and humans kill for recreational purposes.

Anyways, this was all going through my mind while I was shopping for snacks. I knew Mom wouldn't allow me to have one in the house. A puppy would be fine by the way..huh. So on the way back, I kneeled down to scrub its neck and for the first if asking me to give it a ride to my place :d I couldn't I picked it up. It clanged on to my tee with its miniatures claws and kept meowing all the way.
Earlier, I had seen it on the way to the market. On the side of the road. It was snuggling itself in a small ball of fur!! I reached to touch it and it offered no resistance. There was a dog eying it a few yards across. I had to throw a few things to make it run away. The kitten was only a few days old.

As I reached home, my mom had that look of 'awe' + a hidden smile somewhere + a stern 'NO YOU CAN'T KEEP IT' written all over her face. Yes I deciphered all that. Incidentally, I am a good face-reader, at least thats what I believe. Nevertheless, I put it down on the floor and it crawled underneath my leg. sitting there with its tail wrapped around its body. It was shivering. I tried to amplify the 'hidden smile' part on my mother's face and she resisted. A few seconds and zillion requests later, she asked me to leave it where I had seen it. In middle of the road, in front of the "I kill adorable cats" dog..? I asked if there was any milk.. Mom: "You are not it looks exactly like the last one".
Yes there was a "last one" it would come daily to have some milk, play a little bit and then leave. It died a year and half back. (Hunted down by those stray bastards) I have been asked sternly not to tame any cats ever since...because...allegedly the last one brought bad luck. Last year and a half has been so bad..that I just can't argue with that reasoning despite the fact that I don't believe in it.

So I finally gave up and took it back. I havn't talked straight to my Mom since. Its harsh coz we are practically the only people left to each other. But yes...I like hurting people especially the ones that I care about...coz in turn watching them get hurt...hurts its an indirect technique to hurt myself. I am not a psychopath but yes, I like hurting myself.

P.S: My Mother may just have the last laugh...coz she made my fav meal today and I almost gave up the "I am not talking" emotion.. :D

In other news: One of my friends jumped off from a water tank about five feet from ground, bare-feet...on solid ground. He is currently draped in a blanket, like a cocoon and his both feet are swollen. Yes, I have a weird taste in friends. Which also reminds me of a generous lady who has..given me two b-e-a-u-tiful awards. Frankly speaking, she was the only hope for me getting any...and she sure is a savior....Thanks Preeti..mwuaaaazzz.. :) I have...

The I love you blogger award:I pass it on to Keshi and Philic.
and the rockstar one:
I pass this one on to Mayz, Keshi and Che (at least you look like one)

And because I can't give any of these back to you Preeti and I don't have any others, I have invented one eXclusively for you. Here it is then..
It sure is for you ;)


•♥•♥Vicky♥•♥• said...

i don't hate dogs but i don't like them the way i used to when i was a kid.
some stray cat..BLack one..the ones you see in horror movies pure jet black had been a frequent visitor especially at night.
so in a nutshell i am scared of cats because of this black one it has startled me 10-12 times now in the night.
Congrats on your first awards and
i loved your innovation..hehe preeti u are so lucky.

Cess said...

I had 3 dogs ;) My parents chose dogs, actually there were always a dog and a cat when i was a kid. They were getting along and sleeping in the same basket together.
Y I prefer dogs it s because I first learn how to walk by grabbing my dog's tail while he was walking slowly to avoid me to fall. When I was upset and crying my dog was here, when i was sick he was here at the end of my bed watching me. Cats are more independent than dogs. None of my dogs ever killed a cat btw ;), actually one my dog got hit by a cat, the cat was on our doorway step, my dog could not go in the house ;(
Now my mum have cats, from the neighborhood she gave them name, feed them, they are the nicest cats i have ever seen, they almost gave me as much as affection my dogs gave me. I can t say the same thing for my dad s cat, she hates me, she is so jealous of me, she wants my dad for herself, she is acting like a princess!!!
I think that we have the tendency to like the animal ur parents have because we re getting used to it as a kid, but things change. I d like to have a cat now since i m living by myself, but when i ll get married or have kids specially i d like to have a nice dog not a sissy dog like a poodle or something (I hate poodles).

mayz said...

ooohhhh m a dog person somehow...have always been...infact most ppl even say m a dog (ok sad joke)...

ah thnx for d award dude...*bows down*

Neeku said...

Awwee =/ I wish you keep the kitten... but its okay... may be Auntijee will let you later on...

And congratulations for the awards... They seemed to be givem to the well-deserved one =)

Bhai with Chai said...

i'l stay away.. neither dogs not cats for me! :S
dunno y people need pets anywayy!

frnds jumpin from water tanks! wohooo! :o)

congos on the awards! :)

ps : meow ! :D cool label!

Che said...

I love dogs and I dont mind cats. i like animals. had a dog. have dealt with cats. both have pluses and minuses. But dogs are more affectionate. Cats act like they own this world and are doing you a favor by being around you :)

Comfortably Numb said...

Incidentally, only dogs and humans kill for recreational purposes.

LMAO!!! But then isnt it true.


Nothingman said...

I like the other kind of pussy :)

Cats are Masters Of Humankind. We should realize this fact and spend our puny lives in service of cats.

nuff said.

tell your friend to jump from somewhere high next time :) five feet!! LOL


Preeti said...


Zubin...i am overwhelmed...and i truly, truly love you totally...

Preeti said...

the Rockstar award...well when the time came to decide there were 2 people who came instantly to my mind. che and you (in that order). so you had to get that one baby...and we have established that i love you so that one was yours too...

Preeti said...

i am a little concerned about your methods of hurting yourself...
as far as dogs and cats go...well i like them from a distance. cats scare me. really. i like the wildcats though. on tv i.e.

Mystique Wanderer said...

i'm one of those...i love cats and dogs both...infact my love extends to many other creatures, monkeys, lizards...creepies and crawlies like cockroaches are where i get violent

but my comment is not really abt that...either u got ure measures wrong or ure frnd is really very very does one get hurt jumping from 5 feet...thats like less then the height of ure body...

Nidhi said...

hey u have been tagged check it out ..

Nidhi said...

BTW i love ur template.. I love dogs.. i dont like cat much..

Me Mini Mini Mouse said...

I love dogs man... and cats too../.. n tht pic is so damn cute

Hirt urself by hurtin the ones u like - UH OH!!! thoda bouncer tha yeh wala ???

Congrts for the awards :) Enjaaay

Anonymous said...

congrts 4 de award dude!
dogs & cats , i lov dem both , provided dey keep a distance . oh ! i hate it wen dey lick me & dey alwz seem 2 b dyin 2 do it. yikessss!
but i do thnk dey both luk cute , wld luv 2 throw a kiss 4m a not too close distnce.
so wots de status of de cat , mommy still sayin no

Zubin said...

Thanks bro.. :)

Hmm...scared of cats...?spooky...?I have one spooky cat incident myself..I'll put it up as a post someday..(maybe).. :D

@mayz.. bro you are not a dog..dogs don't have pierced ears you see.. :p
and about the deserve it...and the piercing makes it look even more suitable now.. ;)

Even I wish the same..Nah she won't let me keep one... ^_^

Zubin said...


"actually there were always a dog and a cat when i was a kid. They were getting along and sleeping in the same basket together."
Now thats what I am talking about...isn't that great...If that happens to all the dogs n cats in the'll be a better place.. :D

"Y I prefer dogs it s because I first learn how to walk by grabbing my dog's tail while he was walking slowly to avoid me to fall."
wow..thats so sweet..I just can't stop but as a l'll kid...doing

"actually one my dog got hit by a cat"
LMAO :P..sorry but can't stop laughing.. :p

"they almost gave me as much as affection my dogs gave me."
Exactly..all cats are not that fact only very few are...

Hey, I never really meant to say that I hate all dogs..In fact my friends have dogs..and they are all adorable..but the 'cat killers' I banish :D

You btw seem to have a great experience regarding :(..maybe you should courier some of them to my place.. :d

Zubin said...

@Bhai with Chai:

WC here.. :)

and thanks :)
wohooo indeed...yeah...I have a weird circle..(that includes me)..he got plastered today btw... :(

cool label..?? thanks :D..
Yours is a cool display name btw.. ;)


"Cats act like they own this world and are doing you a favor by being around you" thats what I am talking about.. :D Dogs BEG for pity...cats DEMAND attention.. :D..

@Comfortably Numb...

Cheers mate..
WC here.. :)


@Nothing man
Ahem..bro..lets not get carried away here.. :P..

CATS the MASTER of this WORLD??...I like that idea...but then..what will happen to us...lame humans.. :D

Zubin said... you too.. :)
Me..??Rockstar..?? I'd love be that one day.. ;)..and I am flattered.. :)

About the 'hurting myself' thing..lets just forget that...sometime later maybe...It goes deep...can't really explain it here.. :)..

Zubin said...

@Mystique Wanderer

Really..what kind of lizards pal..the wild ones..??or those chameleons.. :)
Well I have my measures right..and my friend is actually very light..He is like a leaf in fact..once I blew wind through my mouth..and he floated 2 feet in air..well..ahem..coming back to reality...he had a wrong landing technique..probably.
Has twisted a finger..maybe..and has a minute fracture now.. :|


Doing the tag very soon... :)
You like the design..? Thanks.. :)
well its not a template actually..I designed it myself.. :)
Don't like cats..?? No probs..someday you will. :)


@Mini Mouse=Div

Thanks yaar..
and yeah they are so damn cute...just can't believe they fit into a cup..!! :D

Hmm..I think I phrased it incorrectly. I meant, when I am not talking to someone who really matters to me, it hurts me and knowing the fact that it was my choice not to talk, it hurts me even more.. :|
Things got back to normal today though.. :D

Zubin said...

@enchanted illusions:

LOL...believe me when a little pup or kitten licks something off you for instance..its one of the best feeling in the world...

No, I don't know its status.. :( and no..Mom..wouldn't say yes..I stopped asking.. :(

Keshi said...

Zubin I simply luuuuuuuuuurve the MEOW brigade! :) Mebbe in my last life I was a cat or something lol!

We had so many cats n dogs at one stage. My mum, dad, sis r all avid cat n dog lovers. They r adorable arent they!

Cute pics here too.

aww u gave me 2 awards? WOW Im stoked! ty so much. HUGS! U r too kind Zubin :) I think every blogger deserves an award..for expressing and sharing wisdom with everyone else.

hv a lovely day!


•♥•♥Vicky♥•♥• said...

abe online kyon nai aata mere bhai

Sana said...

i lyk kittens and puppies and lion cubs. infact i lyk all baby animals.

yeah i've tamed cats too. my "last one" was taken my by dad to the other corner of the city by car coz no matter what we tried it kept returning. and the weird thing is that it kept leaving dead, rotting mice on our doorstep.

ooo sumtyms hurtin ourselves and others is kynda tempting. =P and no im no psychopath either.

drop by my blog agn sumtym. i lyked ur blog and i'm gonna add it to my blog roll.

see yah!!

Vinz aka Vinu said...

bloghopping..!! thats how i reached here...and found a post on doggies and cats..!!

i love both of them..!! at one point we had around five kittens at my place..and one german shepherd too...pets are always lovely..

I am more attached to them, much more than many of my friends..


Zubin said...

@Keshi: still are a sweet naughty kitty.. :p..ahem..LOL..
And you deserve those awards dear friend..and yeah...I am kind as well.. :P...LOL..


:-)..aaya to tha.. :P


Hey, welcome here..
rotting mice..?? LOL...cats really know how to come back AT u..don't they..?? :D
// ooo sumtyms hurtin ourselves and others is kynda tempting. =P and no im no psychopath either. //

so I have company then.. :D

Thanks for rolling me..I feel honored.. :)


WC here mate.. :)
Five cats..!!man..that must have been great....German sheps are good too..but they get so aggressive as they grow.. :O
well yeah..pets are known to give you unconditional love.. :)..unfortunately I have never had one..

Paradox Philic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paradox Philic said...

Guess I am very late ...
But really Zubin .. Thankyou so much :)

To be honest, it came as a surprise that you would choose me... really!!


Zubin said...


No you are not late..Its ok.. :)
and you are welcome...

How could I not give you an award...Love your blog.. :) are one of my first blogger friends.. :)..In fact you ARE the very first one.. :)

phoenix said...

i hate cats.....

ooo loads of awards pouring in na...

Zubin said...

awww...comm'on..they are such sweet little things.. :p

Awards??..not loads of 'em..just Preeti the savior.. :D