Batting eyelashes at me.. :D

Damn the 08..!!

For last few years, the year 2008 has had this reputation of being the most crucial year of my life, a dawn of a new era. By the end of this year though..I can say it quite safely, it was the worst of 'em if the night itself has elongated the hours of darkness...

Heard this in a movie yesterday...."I could have saved them if it wasn't for you..!!"

Maybe he would still be here if it wasn't for me?...or at least I should have told much I I can only hope that he knew that already...he deserved to know...I wish..I just wish for once in my life, I could turn back in time...If I could set things right...If I can erase the guilt...the regret. But somethings are bound to be with you..for a lifetime.

It took me an eternity to write the above-mentioned. I have never been this weak...or maybe I have never known myself this well. I typed...and then I held my head in my hands...I typed and then I held my head in my hands again...and then maybe I cried a bit...

Heck with that..I'll be stronger. Nah..its not a resolution...I have ought to be...don't have any other option. I'll also remember this year as the year I graduated...the year my career would/(should?) have taken off. But then, anticipation is the death of joy.

We expect the joyous notion to reside with us and start taking it for granted, when it already is there with us. When we have what we crave for, we are happy...but not as much as we should have been and when we are not happy...we obviously are not...!!

Lets stop taking happiness for granted.

->gibberish: would not make sense to most<-

Anticipation: I should have..I want...will have it...I have it happy? nah..I have it 'coz I deserved it..!!
.............Anticipation: I don't have it...should have had happy? nah I deserved it..and I still don't have it!!

->end of gibberish<-

OK...shit apart..
...this is how I looked at the start of this year...

...and this is how I look now...

...I hope I haven't changed much...

Oh..and this is how I sing (now you know why my blog is in the silent mode today!!)..well if Himesh can I.. ^-^..yeah I know its unbearable..but hear it for my sake yaaron.. (I am expecting comments on this as well..):p..I know the recording is a little shity and the sound that you may hear in the background is the T.V coverage of Delhi Bomb-blasts. Yeah...I have been Indifferent lately..(23 years to be precise)..

Click Play

The song is But It Rained originally by Parikrama.
However unbearable my cover may hear the original song, you people would love it. :)

P.S: If you were looking for an intellectual post...I am sorry to disappoint you. I have buried my intellect in a coffin...all that's left an attention craving, self possessed lunatic...



mayz said...

sometimes incoherent rambling is good...its not meant for others but for u to let out...

ps: u been awarded on my blog :)

Preeti said...


i wish you have a breathtakingly beautiful year, darling...
and just go for everything with vigour and positivity. im sure it will be a winner all the way!

i love you very very much, sweetness...

PS: someone's looking sexier today than he did at the beginning of the year!!!

Trinaa said...

2008 sucked for me too..d yr started out bad..acted like it was goin to become better in between but ultimately ended up fallin flat on its face.. :(

chalo here's to hopin 2009 turns out muchhhhhh better! tc ji :)

Zubin said...

oye...someone comment on the song too!!!! ...:D

Zubin said...

True.. :)
I'll be checking that out..!

hehe...thanks... :)
love ya too..
thanks for the "P.S" part...!

Not demanding rather...!! :D
You too...take care... :)

Cess said...

hi sweetie,

hey first of all i think u look pretty good at the end of the year on the pic and ur post was entertaining.
the song is well not necessarily my type but u have nice voice, i would not do something like that myself (there is perfectly rational explanation why i never and will never ever apply for Music Idol ;P)
tc and have a better 2009 than 2008 ;P

Phoenix said...

you were hot

and now you are hotter

and as for the rotten year? join the club!! :)

Heart'n'Soul said...

Oh what coincidence man... we r both rambling and fussin over 08

guess wt, lets bid adieu to wtever happnd and hope to get what we deserve.... n if we don... well thn fuck it all!!! lol


Nidhi said...

hey in the second pic u look like amir khan in fannaa.. hehe

Zubin said...

thanks.. :)
but 'entertaining'..??:O..

"there is perfectly rational explanation why i never and will never ever apply for Music Idol"

tell me..
and who says I am gonna apply for a music idol.. :D ..I sing coz I like to.. (regardless of the fact...that I m bad at it..!! :D)

Zubin said...

"you were hot

and now you are hotter" people are really good at lying./. :D ..:p
..*thanksss* :)

bad year..??you too..?? :(



Yes..fuck it all..thats more like it..!! :D



Amir..??sachchi..??.. :D..
thanks.. :)


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

should have, could have has never done anyone any good.
Lets hope that the next brings all the good things your way :-)

Preeti said...


happy new year, love!!!

AND I HEARD THE SONG! it is absolutely beautiful. i can now put a voice to your face. :-)

I love you sweetheart. Have a great satisfying year.

Keshi said...

Happy New Year Zubin!

I like ur LATEST look...very nice! :)


RiverSoul said...
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RiverSoul said...

Hi there, Zubin
I loved ur Blog,
Not just for the awesome header design, but also for the writings within
I actually could relate at a personal level with ur "gibberish"
Truly good Blog
I'm following
Thanx for visiting my photoBlog
Do come again
I read the previous post too, and really loved ur creativity

umangexuberance said...

some pretty "intellectual" stuff in that post. voices from the grave? :D
as for the singing, it wasn't half as bad as I expected(especially, after u mentioned himesh)
Hope 2008 remains your worst year ever, so it only gets better from now
tc and happy new year

Paradox Philic said...

Sweet face, equally sweet voice :)
Keep singing!!


pooja said...

i thnk 2008 was a universally screwed up yr of cud haves, shoud haves and wud haves...
i wish u all the best fr the next ..ur blg is a nice read

Zubin said...

Yes..true..but we still think about it, don't we..?
Thnakssss... :)

A very happy new year to you too.. :)


Hey thanks and you too have a great year...and zooob..?? that sounds like an advanced version of noob..!

P.S: I don't sound like that generally..when I talk.. :D
Love ya too.. :)


Ahaan!!...Keshi nice to see you in the comments sections again.. :p..
A very happy new year to you too..


Zubin said...

@river soul:
Thanks bro..and WC here.

I'll definitely visit you again.. :)
Nice to know you can relate.. :)

Happy New year btw..


Yeah..voices from the grave.. :D Hmmm...I used himesh's name pretty strategically there..nice to know it worked.. :D
Thanks...and a very happy new year to you too.. :)


@Philic a.k.a Gina:
Gina jee...finally visited my blog.. :p
and we can 'see' you now.. :p..
..and you look so much like the actress your name coincides with..wohi to nahi ho aap..?? :p

Zubin said...

Hey Pooja..WC here..
and thanks.. :)

..And I wish a very happy and rejuvenating year for you as well.. :)

oo7 said...

abe teri to..sahi be.You sing well.
Was it u playing too.???

voice is so good...listen to Tim McGraw and play his stuff. You are quite like him.

tech2gether team said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zubin said...

hehe...thanx yaar... :)
...yeah...its me playing.. :)

Tim McGraw? abhi sunta hun.. :)

Paradox Philic said...

Pictures (esp the thumbnails!) are decpetive...
No i dont look like my namesake (the actress) at all!

Zubin said...

@Gina: look better.. ;)

Paradox Philic said...

So what is it that you want?
Damn, flattery would get you anywhere with leos :P

P.S. - Why havent i seen u around on my site since long?

Zubin said...


Flattery is a part of my domain.. :p

I haven't been around my site even.. :(..
been that busy (read: lazy) lately... :D
but I have seen the new look of your site..(nice)...will be back there reading..(today itself).. :)

Zubin said...


"Selfless" flattery to be precise.. :p

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Ah!Life's like that.Hope you have a wonderful 2009!Take care.

Cess said...

well it kept me amuse or made me want to read it till the end :P that s what I meant!

Zubin said...

thanks and same to you.. :)

..hmm..ok... the display pic...its super.. :)

Astraeus said...

Hmm, so i just came across ur blog andam pretty blown by it. like thw way u write. at times disconnected stuff and at other times a life corollary of movements.

will visit more often


Astraeus said...

i just realised the comment has umpteen number of typos and unintentional spelling errors

Zubin said...


Thanks man.. :)