Batting eyelashes at me.. :D

When I did 'It' for the very first time

"Its never wise to cultivate your hopes until you are sure of what you are into"

It was a wonderful evening. Cool breeze frisking through my hairs. An agonizingly mysterious chill in the air was pointing at something inevitably exiting, waiting for me that day. That's when I saw her. She was moving as if her soul is in sync with some belle dancer, as if flying 'high'. Dressed in flashing dark red color with a shade of black. She had this hassle free, euphoric radiance..and moved so freely as if waiting to fall in someone's hands...waiting to just give in...made me smile.

She went right across my face as if inviting me, enticing me...I expanded my hands in her direction..and swiftly, she moved in. Juggling my hands across the string(s?). I was young. I was nervous. It was the first time I was holding her so closely. I always wondered how it would be when I'll do it for the first time. I used to have fantasies often. My face was dripping in anxiety and a chilly feeling was running through my spine. One wrong move and I would have screwed it all.

Tenderly pulling the string with my sweaty palms, pulling her closer...suddenly I realized there was no reel there with me. So I tied her, right there!! Rushed downstairs...

Have you ever wondered how all the inanimate objects seem to hide themselves whenever you need them the most? It took me an eternity to find that little piece of equipment.

"What if she unties herself...
she seems so high..
she needs me right now...
I need her rather...
I don't want this chance to escape my clutches...
She's mine..."

...I thought.

And just then everything in the store room seemed to have started singing happy songs in symphony...I had finally discovered 'it' after all...It was right in front of me...the reel of thread and 'maanja'...the 'Charkhi'

With the brightest of smile...a chuckle rather...I rushed back to the terrace...untied the thread from the antenna...She was still flying high...on her own. (the wind was pretty strong). I tied the loose end of the 'maanja' from my reel with the string...and..then...well you have got the drift.

That's how I learned to do it. My first, very first time...I flew a Kite on my own.

All right...hit me now.. :D


Cess said...

men!! am i a pervert? i was so faaaar to guess a kite :P
good one

PS: i answered u to the previous post as well :P

Trinaa said...

aaiyo!! yes u do need a good whipping 4 this! ;)

Zubin said...

@Cess: he he...nah you are not a pervert (hopefully.. :p :p)

hmm I saw that comment just adding you now.. :)

lolz...It had a warning right in the beginning.. :p

umangexuberance said...

I thought it was butterfly :)

geet said...

havnt read this post yet..the three songs on your blog got me hooked. swtichback,eminem and creed..i amd loving in this order.

Zubin said...

hmm..a red butterfly..that would have been nice.. :)

That means I have chosen the right music today..
and WC here.. :)

umangexuberance said...

ya red and black butterfly..vibrant passionate alive

mayz said...


Priya said...

:) thanks for the compliment

Zubin said...


I have never seen a red one..!! :D




You deserve it.. :)

umangexuberance said...

Not a pure red one, but I have seen one with the most beautiful mix of red, yellow and orange, where the two colours met, it was like a flying painting :)

Nothingman said...

...and there I was thinking there would be some banging in this post.

Fly high man.


Zubin said...

It sure must have a days..I don't see any butterflies at ALL... :(

I am trying..!! :)

geet said...

guess wht, the time you comment..i was writing a new post on the same lines... !!!!

geet said...

abt this post : even though it was a story of patang/maanja ...the fantasy was real kyon?

Zubin said...

na nah..not real..!! :D..:p

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

haha.. this is funny :-)
Cool Blog :-)

Zubin said...

thanks.. :)

Preeti said...


ok i know you want to hit me...

lovely post. very... uhmmm sexy :-)

but boy if you put up the picture of a kite we will obviously get it na...?
how have you been, darling?

PS: i would rather hit on you than hit you... ;p

Zubin said...

yeah..if you scroll down too fast...!! :X...


"lovely post. very... uhmmm sexy :-)"

"PS: i would rather hit on you than hit you..."

nice pick up line.. :p.. :D

How have you been..? :)

Preeti said...


no jhooth ... 100% sach

by the by i dont need to use pick up lines for you, are already mine you see...

i have been extremely lazy and busy. and im truly sorry i havent come in here for a long time. wont happen again, i promise.

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

I kind of anticipated a googly and was not disappointed :)

Well written!

Cess said...

hope u had a great Xmas dude, and I wish u an excellent end of the year!!!

Zubin said...

"i have been extremely lazy and busy. and im truly sorry i havent come in here for a long time. wont happen again, i promise."

arrey..why saying sorry??...even I have been so lazy lately..!! :)

"by the by i dont need to use pick up lines for you, are already mine you see...".. :D...

Hugzzzz...!! :)

Zubin said...


hey WC here..
yeah it was kind of obvious..
thanks.. :)

hey same to you Cess...Wishing you a very...very happy new year..

an opinion said...

U had me at hello:P

I concur. My hopes had buoyed me to the sky. Now I came down all crashing.

You deserve a spank. Naughty U!!