Batting eyelashes at me.. :D

What the...

Some people are inspirational, some are hot..then there are the smooth talkers..and then..the attention grabbers...some are born leaders..some mysterious...some silent...there are preachers...people's favorites...some are artistic..creative..innovative...some are famous..some are fit, some are successful and some are plane lucky...(bastards) :p

Me..?? I am none...just an average Joe...and on top of that...I only JUST realized that...!!
and I just can't stop laughing at myself.


Maybe I should have a session of "self exploration"...LOL

And btw...nothing is wrong with me...I just feel humorously pathetic today. You know, when you are not doing great in aspire to be Bon Jovi...and you end up one..but you don't give a damn about it...and just can't stop laughing at yourself...that my mates is the eternal state of humorous pathetic ism.. ;)

Oh..and I'll be less weird the next time. Its hard to make sense these days. I may come up with a happy post even.. :D

P.S: I think I need a g.f or an iPOD.


Preeti said...

You are beginning to scare me, Zubin...
and we dont want THAT happening, right...?

quit that bloody BPO job and go play the guitar or something ... take time off...i feel that you need it desperately...

Zubin said...

Wouldn't that be like quitting? I'll come through this phase..real soon.. :)

...and how are you today?

Preeti said...

im ok, sweetie...

i am missing the old Zubin, though..
wonder when he is going to peep out from behind the darkness and shine on us...

and if quitting is going to do us is allright to quit.

Bhai with Chai said...

//you aspire to be Bon Jovi...and you end up one..but you don't give a damn about it...and just can't stop laughing at yourself.

everything was fine till y'day.. but today.. after the kinda day i had..all i can say is ..



Cess said...

buy an ipod Dear is cheaper than a woman ;D i got the new nano, the purple one, awesome, the good thing about it, is that u never argue with it ;)
How for sense of humor whether it s pathetic or not, it is still sense of humor, u ll be on xanax ;) so keep smiling and laugh :)
take care of urself, eat chocolate

Paradox Philic said...

Hey Zubin.... all of us are special in our unique ways... really!! i am not just saying that , i truly believe in it.

Its just a matter of time before we realise what it is that makes us special...dont worry, if you look long enough and earnestly so , you will have that epiphany soon enough... so untill then, hold the ground and forget this thing about "i just realised i am no one" ... its might well turn out to be the darkest hour before dawn... What say?

mayz said...

i think ipod is a better listen to all d ladies n smile dude

oh n jus in case u r still wonderin what n who u r...

then u r a pixie...LOL!!!

chk out my 100th post n u'll kno y m i sayin that :)

Tazeen said...

i believe an ipod is a much better option than a gf.
gfs can come and go, but the ipod shall stay with you. In my opinion, it is the 21st century designer snub tool, and is a must have.

Aki said...

Hey everyone commenting and reading this post, I may be a lil unknown blogger for u people but i hv to say this - i knw this guy better then any of u.. well afterall we hv been friends for last 9 years now.

just one thing to say dear lady pls never ever ask him (or even suggest) this dude to quit cause i knw if it gets into his mind he probably will.

Lolz sorry Zub i knw u will kill me for this but u r one heck of a lazy bum.

Chill bro Thanks for ur sweet comments on my blog and yes loads of hugz

Preeti said...


Have noted that piece of advice down!!!


If i ask Zubin not to kill you ... he probably wont.


Zubin said...

Darkness? all shiny :p
Its all written in a light mood...believe me Its a good thing to realize where I stand coz then..I would not set unrealistic goals for myself.. :)

@Bhai with Chai:
hmmm..I am feeling much better now..I hope its DITTO for you as well :)

Thanks for the good words dear... :)
chocos? Sure..I'll have some..and yes the iPOD as well... :D

@Paradox Philic:

Its great to finally see you back here, commenting on my blog first...a very warm "welcome back" hug from me.. :)

And are correct..everybody is special in their unique ways...but sometimes it takes a lifetime to realize what makes you special..I just hope that doesn't happen with me.. :D

Zubin said...

hehe..already smiling...
Pixie..? hmm..I'll be there right away... :)

Hey welcome to my blog.. :)
yes..I think I'll go for an iPod.. :D

Bro..thats a well known fact...Infact I flaunt my laziness with unmatched shamelessness... :d
But whats that gotta do with this..?? :D

and Preeti just saved your ass...:D
She convinced me NOT to kill you.. :p :p

chal ab jaan bach gai kab de raha hai..?? :p

Preeti said...


i love you a lot, sweetie!!!
just be happy ... ok

Phoenix said...

gf/an ipod what a solution to utter boredom... :P

really u are totally crazy.......

hey btw why aren't you frequent blogs?? too busy or just plain lazy? :)

Zubin said...


Love ya too.. :)

//gf/an ipod what a solution to utter boredom

You got that absolutely correct.. :p
crazy? Thanks.. :D

About not being frequent
...lets just say, its a combination of both..busy and lazy...I am buzlazy.. :D

Paradox Philic said...

Thanks dear :)
Heres a hug from my side too ... hope this makes u feel better! At least some bit...

Nothingman said...

Get a girlfriend. You can't fuck an ipod. I mean, you should not fuck an ipod.

Nidhi said...

zubin relax.. bad phase.. shiny days will knock ur doors soon .. m even sure it might have already by now... hugs..

Keshi said...

go for the iPod cos GFs can be nagging lol!

Hows u?


Zubin said...

@Paradox Philic: does makes me feel better.. :)

Lolz.. :D

yeah, I feel much better now.. :)

hey...I am good now...hows you?

Anonymous said...

a girl friend is as mal functioning as an ipod.. wonder why two options only :)

Zubin said...

couldn't think of more options..on the go..!! :D