Batting eyelashes at me.. :D

The comeback post..?

Well then be it. I have been busy this past month. And I have been repeating this like a stuck record 'coz frankly I hate it. All the years in school and then college I did know that somewhere down the line this will be my destiny. A repeating, unexciting, monotonous routine...served in a platter right in front of me and I am darn hungry that I eat coz I have to and not coz I want to..I hate to be driven..not being able to make my own calls. No I don't like my job. The only motivation throughout is the pay check that I arguably deserve by the end of the month.

Also this past month, I have fallen in love...brought myself up...then fallen in love again..maintaining composure has been tough..maybe I should stop using the word "love" so loosely. I have also realized that being taken for granted comes tied with being a happy face.
Also I am so sick of being single...where are all the good (single) women? Oh and I hate my running shoes as well, my guitar is eating social life is almost zero. I always look high because of the lack of proper sleep and I am truly frustrated. X(

I have also realized that I love complaining..and life minus that is...well barren..and so colorless for me.

And also..I just HAVE to write this for someone:

I know we are both right on our sides,
but you just see yours and I just see mine.
Banging our heads on both sides wont make things better..
So I offered you a peek into mine
hoping that I'll get one into yours..
but telling me you closed your doors for me way me only one impression...that you don't care...then give me one good reason..WHY SHOULD I?


Cess said...

hey dude, glad to have u back, i guess it s an international blues in the blogville, mine is called winter blues cz it s freakin cold in Ireland, i can relate to what u said on the second part of ur blog except that i did not fall in love and i don t have a guitar and well where are the good (single) men of course.
I hope u ll do all right, as for the poem , dunno who u dedicated it to but it s not important, but if she/he s trying to open when he/she wants then slam the doors BANG, cz u re not on demand ;)
u take care

mayz said...

**I know we are both right on our sides,
but you just see yours and I just see mine.

have u been livin my life???

**gives me only one impression...that you don't care...then give me one good reason..WHY SHOULD I?

yes u are!!!!!!!!

Preeti said...

what happened zubin...?
why are you sounding like this...?

and that poem is so you want to talk, sweetheart...
not that i can be of any help, but i could listen, you know...

i seriously cant bear it that you are feeling this way...


Phoenix said...

beautiful lines those were... loved them...

btw im single,can i apply?? :)

jokes apart dont want a girl because u dont wanna be single

want a girl because you want to share love... :)

Neeku said...

ghosh seems like we both are living a similiar life

I feel yaa.. how it affects... but just hang in there okay...

Things will get better =) will keep you thoughts =)

Take care.

Nidhi said...

i have been missing ur post dude.. its been so long something nice came up. i knw u going thru bad phase and it feels like life sucks..
i see many bloggers are cribbing abt social life being zero cuz of job .. but what abt saturday and sundays???
and yes dont give damn to ppl who doesnt give damn to u, cuz somehwr there is someone who loves u more than u can love him/her.. okie.. chill pill.. and bigggggg hug!!!

Heart'n'Soul said...

come back?
whr didu go :P

and ya - i feel the same cuz of ma job - no fun no party
urgggh lifes so boring

Zubin said...


Thanks for all the good words dear :)
Well its getting chilly in here as well.. (finally)

Glad to know I have company.. :)

hey I am ok..Its nothing serious..whatever it was..I am over It..
The only thing that I am not happy about is the fact that I don't have time anymore..for all the things that I love to do..!

*Hugz*..a lots of 'em..


You are single? Mei kolkata aa raha hun..sachchi.. :D the fifth question..and its answer, in my previous would know why I don't want to be single.. :)

Thanks..I am feeling better now..about most of things...I may even start to blog regularly now...


You have been missing my posts..??thats so sweet of you :)
thanks for the kind words..
yeah I have sat and sundays..but I am to tired to do anything..but I am trying to adjust..I have always been bad at time management..maybe its time, I improve.

hugging you back... :)


hehe.. I thought you loved your job.. :p

Bhai with Chai said...

I might be a lil late here..

//I have also realized that I love complaining

this made me smile SO big!
like, 'eeeeeeeeeeeeeee' :-)

the last 6-7 lines.. i dunno whats up.. but all i'd lik to say is.. maybe that 'someone' jus gave an impression of "closed doors".. it's on you to check if they are infact that!

i'm not making sense.. huffffff!

Zubin said...

@Bhai with Chai:
You make perfect sense.. :)
but I have checked again and again...Its time I stop trying... :)