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Happy with my share of Independence (post from previous blog)

As it comes out of an intellectual conversation with one of my friends, I am a certified non-patriot now. Incidentally I have somehow lagged behind in doing my bit for the nation as I have not been forwarding the oh so patriotic SMS’s to my friends. I have to thank that friend for this realization.

Maybe the rush of blood and that unadulterated euphoria that comes with the slightest of proud national moments are old school techniques to show that I am a patriot. Frankly, I don’t need to show if I care. Sitting inside my house with a stomach full of delicacies and with a computer and the Internet (24 X 7 connectivity) right in front of me, does my say matter? Obviously I am proud of my nation and happy with the freedom that comes to me…as a birth right.

Maybe someone living under a torn piece of cloth…calling it a shelter, fighting for his/her basic rights to survive will have a better say in this. I have no right to define independence but for me its never complete until every such man can feel what true independence is. A lot has to be done, much lesser to be said or written.

Just for the record, I do nothing. Being the hippocrate that I am, I find my glory in patriot (izing) my image in an image editor.

Nonetheless…I am proud…

Happy Sixty first

Sinks in oblivion the real meaning
epiphany is awaited…
‘coz the day each feels it for themselves
shall be the day of independence.

Forgotten by each political intellect,
The flame has dimmed a little…
but the revolution ain’t over yet,
Just one phase of it…

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