Batting eyelashes at me.. :D

Claustrophobic..(post from previous blog)

Maybe I don’t belong
but I don’t care anymore.
I may fail…but I wont change…

May be inside I know…
I m Indifferent to Ur sacred shades…
But I don’t need your honor…I have mine…

Maybe I too pretend.
But I am not as good as you,
at least I make sure,
I make sure you know…

what I feel…coz what I feel is what i say…
maybe inside I suffocate,
suffocate as hell..
But you don’t care…I know that as well.

Why is it that sometimes the closest of the people around you find it so difficult to comprehend something that even a distant onlooker may notice with the slightest of difficulties. Do they tend to overlook or is it just too trivial to react. Why is it that you have to say things despite them being the hardest to say.

Why are people so bloody adamant on CHANGING you…?
Or then…is it just me..!!?

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