Batting eyelashes at me.. :D


Life has been really busy these last couple of months, but I am enjoying it in parts, even the fact that I am too damn busy to even cringe about it. The irony is, I can't really think of writing anything unless I have something to complain it my life, people around me or even myself. Its as if, the blogger inside me has this tendency to swiftly slip into oblivion whenever I seem to have started thinking straight or whenever I seem to have given up cribbing.

Oh..and I like Bangalore. The weather is abso-freakin-lutely fantastic...!!!(The food is equally pathetic...for my taste at least). The city seems less crowded then Delhi, and I miss the usual halla-gulla, but its not half as bad I expected it to be.

In short, I am at peace-for a few more days at least. BTW I am pretty sure this blog is dead now and I only keep poking the grave every now and then but isn't it good to bring the dead back? :D

I kept falling out of my own grave
as if growing beyond zenith..
Aah..with a hellish grin..

I kept asking why I still try...
when I am destined to fall right back in...

someday, someday...I'll have an answer.


Nidzzi said...

hey i wish i had ur NO. adn we both cud catch up in Hard rock cafe :P
i m too in blore .. been a week for Doctor visit. wrk over
Nw back to Kolkata tomo... :(( hw long u gonna be here???

teh red line felt like Clouded words to make phrase, a dot dot dot song.. yet to be completed :)
i love blore

Zubin said... have left already...?
When is your next visit...?

Will give u my no. on FB..
Am here in Bangalore since last 2 months... Can't say how long I'll be here least 2 weeks for sure.
Lemme kno when u visit again..

Red lines are plane usual.. :D

VickY said...

hey bro, long time!
me coming to baglore too in december.
and just to say... this blog can't be dead.

tc cheers

salman said...

chal bae....sumthings aret meant to die.... ;)
ye bata saale ye poetic skills kaha se lata hai??

btw jus read these two lines:

subah ro ro ke shaam hotii hai
shab tadap kar tamaam hotii hai

Zubin said...


haha...saaley..apni "nightlife" bayan ki hai tune..?? :p

bohot khhooob.. ;)

Nidz said...

update plssssssssssssss

Zubin said...

@Nidhi..I have updated..where art thou..? :p