Batting eyelashes at me.. :D

My 'nth' Comeback post!

Bonjour mates, so I have decided to put a few words in, have been off for pretty long, nay? And yes, to answer your questions (hain..hoon..hain? What questions..?) despite the fact that I have only been resurfacing like a man drowning in a pond (oh he is up again, oh he is he is again..damn he drowned, poor chap... didn't know how too swim!) , I am alive. Well, breathing counts...doesn't it? (You missed these senseless analogies didn't you?)

So, as I came back I decided to read a few blogs and here is what I discover

-Trinnnaaaaa (Simple Life) last posted 4 months back (incidently she has moved to a new blog which in trun hasn't been updated since 12th may)
-Div (Heart n Soul) hasn't written anything in 2 months
-Che's (Textual Offender) last post was 2 weeks back
-Vicky (Smell of earth after rain) hasn't posted in a week
-Raka just posted a comeback post (so she had not been posting either)
-Gina (Paradox Philic) has not posted in 3 weeks

I know you guys must have missed me, but so darn much that you left writing as well? What emotional buffoons would do that?! :p See. Self flattery is an added charm i have now.

Quite frankly, I had a lot in my mind to write about but couldn't transform anything into words, moreover I was busy with my experiments on a technology blog. Don't have much on my mind right this very moment though. I'll need a scapula to scratch my brains for potential gibberish, then and only then I'll hit back. Oh and I'll hit back big time, I will be writing regularly. Why in freaking hell would I promise something like that when I am set to go through the most tedious two months of my live yet, is beyond even my own understanding.

Oh and as you may have noticed, my writing skills have taken a subtle hit (not that they used to be any more impressive earlier), kindly co-operate my non-literary self (I know I have never been literary either, just wanted to associate the word literary with my name!)

Show me love, hug me back...take me in! I just want to be a part of that big, warm family on blogsphere again.

P.S: Have any (new) hot chicks started blogging since I have been gone??

P.P.S: I added 'new' later to avoid any repercussions.. :p


Keshi said...

WB! I missed ya.

It doesnt matter who's here and who's not. Keep the flame going...keep being ALIVE. ;-)

hey btw I miss MJ so very much too :( Im still crying. I know I wont get over it at all.

did u read my tribute post to him? If not, it's at YOU BEAT IT JACKO. A couple of posts down from my current post.


Zubin said...

Hey keshi, No I haven't read that post. Will do. ...:) alive..and kicking..and planning to stay the same.. :)

Sana said...

Heya Just checked out ure comment on my blog. So you are alive! I thought you were, you know, gone. Gahh, the guy still swims =P

Anyways, I am fine. Semester exams in two weeks. And I think ure writing is okay, and you can get a scapula from me... if its the bone you want =O

Anyways, I have updated my blog again even tho' I was on hiatus. So read and comment, Mr.Self-flatterer. =D You're always a part of the blogosphere.

xxx Sana