Batting eyelashes at me.. :D


As he kept lying in one corner of his lavish apartment, leaning across an ancient wooden frame that he bought from Egypt last year and would flaunt every now and then, being the only artifact he could ever posses in his short but eventful life, he could hear his cell phone vibrating not too far away on his left, breaking his loosely attached chain of thoughts. He couldn't help but wonder how he ended up like this. How only a week back his life made perfect sense.

A weak smile somehow creeped up his face. The mirror in front of him throwing back his own reflection, a blur of red seemed to have engulfed his vision, still he could see his face in the mirror- blunt, white and at peace. He wondered how he could see things so clearly now, everything seemed calm... Everything seemed to make perfect sense again.. he could manage being alone all these years, how he came back home everyday to find his couch staring at him with a familiar smirk, how his school friends have given up hopes on catching up with him, how he has lost the courage to rekindle an old relationship, how his old acoustic guitar which once shone in all glory and looked like a newly wedded bride, settled as a showpiece and how, he had given up on life lately...

The phone buzzed again and with every single vibration moved closer to him. He moved, slightly to the left only to realize, he cant move any further. Subsequent attempts only increased his pain and frustration. The phone stopped ringing. The sound of sirens that seemed distant, minutes ago, didn't seem so far anymore. Soon the main door would be knocked off and the sound of rescuers would engulf the whole apartment.

The phone rang one more time. He moved his head frantically in desperation, only if he could turn back time..only if he hadn't given up on life...

"...Only if I had been stronger" He thought...

"Oi..."...someone broke the erry silence in the room.
"For one, switch off that bloody cell phone and stop moving for god's sake, how the fuck am I supposed to paint, if my objects keep moving?"

"Ahh! Sorry, I was lost in the character!"...he said.



Preeti said...


i felt so sad in the beginning. :(. even the picture is so misleading. and so in the end even though it is supposed to be funny i can't help giving you a virtual whack.

BUT... so very well written. i couldn't help feeling so bad for the man. and feeling relieved in the end.

Good one, Zubin sweetness....

umangexuberance said...

loved it
after a long time, actually found somthing on blogger that made me laugh like that! :D

Zubin said...

Geheehee... :D

Really!?.. thanks.. :)

rainboy said...

bete sahi hai..kaat diya end mein sabka... haha

umangexuberance said...

you are welcome..the complimet was well deserved :)

(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

hehe... very interesting... I was so engrossed in the story, the punch line threw me off :-)

Thank you for the birthday wishes! Its the little acts of kindness that makes my day :-)

Zubin said...

@Umang.. :) are welcome.. I hope you had a great one.. :)